Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back from the warm California Sun...

Well, our nine days are up already and I miss it! Holy crap we had such a great time and a million memories were made! We left on Friday, Nov. 21st and went to St. George to stay with Joel and Kally. Kally had gotten us girlies tickets to "Twilight" and can I just say I LIKED IT?! There is so much discussion to be had on the movie, both good and bad but that will just have to wait for another day.
Anyway, Allie Beckett (my sister, Tracy's daughter) saved up her money all summer long and bought her theme park entrance passes and was able to join us on our fun trip! This has been very hard in deciding which pictures to post because I took over 600... whoopsie! This first picture is just outside the theatre in St. George right after we saw the movie. Kally and I talked all the way home about the parts we liked, disliked and what parts they should have expanded more on. We totally dissected the movie bit by bit...it was a blast!

Our first day in Cali we visited the San Diego Zoo. I must admit that it was not the greatest thing in the world, to me. I was actually kind of bummed out that it was so boorish. So I was mostly glad we didn't save this park for our last day of vacation.

Maddie wanted to get her caricature done. They guy who drew her was amazing! Her favorite part of the drawing is her braces because the guy put dollar signs where the brackets are.

Jaden was so excited to get his face painted. He walked around the park all day will cool attitude.

After the zoo we drove to Laguna Beach just as the sun was setting. Don't even get me started on our bad luck trying to find a place to park in that teensy town and all of the claustrophobic little streets! But the kids had fun splashing in the ocean so it was totally worth it.

Our next day was spent at Universal Studios, which we absolutely loved! Maddie and Allie are about to be swallowed by jaws...

I want to be barbie!

Next was Sea World where the prices for cotton candy exceeded Disneyland! Grrr. Anyway, Jaden loved the place where we (I shouldn't say "we"....the kids and Matt) were brave and touched disgusting creatures. Below is Jaden holding a starfish.

Maddie and Allie were quite scared touching the sting rays. They are actually called bat rays because the actual stinger had been cut off, luckily. The girls were WAY braver than I was, but still were a tad leary of them. They said they felt slimy-ish and jello-like.

We finally got to spend three whole days at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park. By far, those were the highlights of our trip! If anyone know's Jaden, they know he LOVES Star Wars and especially Darth Maul. So WO WAS HE when he was chosen from the crowd to participate in a Jedi Training Camp. And lucky him, got to have hand to hand lightsaber combat with Darth Maul himself.

Me and Allie seriously almost cried when we first saw the castle. Keep in mind here, this was my FIRST trip to Disneyland. The only other castle I had seen was in DisneyWorld in Orlando. I can't even count how many times I've been to those parks because I lived there for a few years. Well, upon seeing this castle, I just about was disappointed. It is miniscule in comparison with Cinderella's castle in Florida! But really, how can you be disappointed in any way shape or form if you're in Disneyland? So the shock was short-lived and me and Allie soon grew to love it...especially at night when all the pretty lights came on.

This was how our first day at Disneyland ended. It began to rain about 7pm and the park didn't close until midnight. I literally felt soaked through. My toes were so soggy it was gross! But we decided to brave the rain and continue going on every ride we could. We actually were happy because when I checked the weather before heading down to Cali, it was supposed to rain for four days straight. And this was all we got the entire time we were there. LUCKY!

Here is Maddie in line to see Minnie. She was lucky because they cut the long line off just after her!

Look how pretty all the lights are on "Small World". I don't think I will ever get sick of this cute attraction...even though it's just a simple boat ride!

You can't go to Disneyland without riding in the teacups!

Happy Thanksgiving to us! My favorite thing in the world....the $7 turkey leg! Yep, we spent Thanksgiving day at Disneyland and enjoyed every last second of it.

Last but not least, our favorite, FAVORITE ride, "The Tower of Terror!". I bet we went on this more than ten times! It was a great trip and as usual, we are glad to be home, but sad we had to leave. Long live Disneyland!!!!


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