Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dance, dance!

These first two pictures are taken right before Maddie's dance recital.  She performed two numbers and unfortunately, I didn't get her in her other costume before she changed.  On her second dance number, Jaden joined Maddie and performed a cute dance.  I was unable to upload it here for some reason but it is on my facebook!

Here is Maddie and Allie at their dance competition last month where their team took third place!      Can you tell they are proud to be a part of Grantsville Dance?!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Piano Recital and Mother's Day

Well, to make a long story short, Matt bought himself trees for the yard and tried passing it off as a Mother's Day gift for me (he's been wanting more trees for a while now!)....and I pitched a tiny fit. I told him earlier in the week that all I wanted was a thumb ring since I lost the one I had a while ago. Well, he must not have heard me correctly. I'm thinking he must have mistaken 'thumb ring' for 'green thumb' which would explain the trees. Nice try, honey! So I came home from church on Mother's Day to find some flowers and a card with money in it! Hooray!!!!

When the kids and I came home from church, Colton was over so I was able to get a picture of all my kidlets together for a Mother's Day picture.

And last but not least, Maddie and Jaden had their Spring piano recital on Saturday. My cute niece, Mindy has been their teacher this year and we will be so sad to lose her since she's going away to college in the fall. We love you, Shoobie!!!!

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