Sunday, August 17, 2008

Football,Braces and School OH MY!!!!!

Well, here he is! Mr. Football himself! Jaden started his first year of football and is loving every minute of it. As a Mother, I can't get over how seriously CUTE these little guys are in their mini uniforms. They practice four times a week and games begin this weekend. Go Cowboys!!!!

This past Wednesday, Maddie got her braces put on. A whole week before school begins. Look how pretty she makes them look! She is getting used to talking funny and using up all her wax because gosh darn it....they hurt!

As long as I'm posting something...................Well I thought I'd be smart and put pictures of the kids on the first day of school....although it doesn't start for a few more days. I thought, "well heck, while I'm at it- I'll add a first day of school post!" See.......this saves me having to post something else for a while. So I made the kids get dressed up in the outfit of their choice and pose for me.
Maddie will be starting Jr. High and going into the 7th grade.
Jaden is starting the third grade this year.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Joe's Valley

This past week we took off for four days to a place called Joe's Valley. We went with my sister and brother in law who own a cabin down there and lot's of water toys. We had such a blast and we want to go back every year!

Ok for everyone out there who know's me, I'm a real wussy baby when it comes to water. I actually went out on a jetski all by myself! I made sure someone snapped a picture for proof.

Here is a picture of Maddie, Jaden and their cousin Jordan on the big tube. Maddie is much like me in that she prefers the beach rather than all the water toys...but she did try the tube! Jaden however, wants to try it all. He's very brave!

Here is Megan giving her best shot at surfing on the lake. She actually had great balance!

Here is my baby! Jaden is only 8 years old and got up on waterski's! I was such a proud mother that he was able to do it! His cousin Cuyler sat with him very patiently and taught him just what to do. It took several tries but HE DID IT!

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