Thursday, June 10, 2010


Wow, time just doesn't stand still for anybody!  I can't believe Maddie is done with Middle School and on to High School!  She had her 8th grade graduation at Excelsior last week and was called up with some other students, to be recognized as receiving only A's and B's all year long.  Go girl!
Below: One of her favorite teachers, Mr. B- addressing the 1st graduating class @ Excelsior Academy.

Here's Maddie accepting her plaque for good grades all year long.  (Maddie, you kinda look short!  :))

And here is Maddie with her beautiful flowers she received from her Grandma North and Aunt Pam.  Well done, Maddie!!!!!

In other graduating news, here is my niece, Mindy Beckett (as Valedictorian!) giving her graduating class of 2010 some fantastic advice and hope for the future!!!  You did so great, Mindy!

And here is my nephew, Andrew Beckett who left just yesterday to the MTC and then off to his Mission to Orlando, Florida!   ....Oh and in case you're wondering why there are two Andrews, the taller Andy is his cardboard cutout that will be accompanying his family to  togethers and whatnot while he is away!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rendon is six months old!

Here's my sweet, baby boy.  Man this kid melts our hearts on a daily basis.  He is such a happy tiny person and he giggles and laughs and chatters his little head off.  And his hair isn't coming in anywhere except the very top so it looks like he's got a mohawk.  He slobbers all over the place but we don't care!

Sign me!