Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sister's Weekend Part 1

So it's been two years since we've had a sister's weekend. This was LONG overdue and quite possibly much too short but it was well worth it! Tiff had us over to her place in Salt Lake from Friday to Saturday. Below is a picture of all of us (and Ben! He stayed for a bit and then took his kids back home) who came. We missed Mom, Tawnja, Guppy, Tran and Kally who weren't able to make this one...bummer!
Back row: Ben, Brenda, Karmen, Nadja.
Middle: Deb-T, Tracy, Valerie, Jen.
Front and center: Tiffy who is 11 weeks pregnant!

Me, Tracy, Val and Tiff started off sister's weekend by running a few errands before the others arrived. We found this awesome place that had killer deals on modest shirts and dresses. It's a small warehouse in Salt Lake by Tiff's house...the DownEast Clothing line. We seriously found shirts for $2.50 and dresses for $7.50! Everyone else arrived about 5:30 that night (coming from Idaho). We had artichokes for dinner, which is a Campbell delicacy! Then everyone brought food to share. Karmen made our traditional avacado sister's night dip and Nadja brought some Danish abelskiver...just to name a few. We had so much to eat but that's part of all the fun! We kept going back for more again and again...

One or our new traditions that Tiff came up with, was to bring "our favorite things" to sister's night. We each bought, made or came up with something to bring that we considered one of our favorite things...and gave one to everyone in the group. It's a little bit hard to do because we have a $3 per person limit so it doesn't get too expensive. That was SO MUCH FUN! This first picture below is of Brenda. She brought some dried apples that she had made, and a roll of very pretty scrapbook paper.

This one is of Karmen who had made handmade greeting and birthday cards, and her favorite candy bar, an Idaho spud!

These were some of the shirts we found at DownEast! What a find, Val! We were all excited about these... Notice "Charlie" in the background about to take a bit of Val's head.

Ok, since I'm computer challenged, I can't figure out how to make my pictures smaller. It will only let me put 5 pictures on per post so you'll have to go down to the next post to see the rest of the pics from sister's night.

Sisters Weekend Part 2

Here is Jen with her cute baggie of goodies. She put in some dove chocolates, some breathe right nasal strips (totally funny!) and some cherry carmex. Jaden snores so I'm going to try the nasal strips out on him!

Here's Tiffany with her tootsie rolls, some shiny lipgloss and some lotion for our purses. She and Tracy were so funny because they kept 'apologizing like a Campbell' for being too practical in their goodie bags. SILLY! That was the fun part...seeing everyones different ideas. Plus I was totally out of lotion...

This is Tracy with her bottle of Calcium pills for all of us. The funny thing about this was that we all gasped in happiness about getting this! We small boned too-skinny Campbells are starved for strong bones and it was funny to see how excited we all were about these!

Nadja made the cutest witch hats that she painted up and decorated herself. We all squealed with excitement to get a cute Halloween decoration!

I had made up some wooden blocks and decorated them up for everyone there. The 'C' is for Campbell. Each sister there had the letter for her last name to display somewhere at their house (G for George, B for Beckett, R for Ross, H for Hansen, M for Memmott, P for Pope etc...).
We stayed up til just after 2am on Friday and then crashed. Saturday we had orange rolls for breakfast and then headed off to Salt Lake Temple for a lunch and a session. There is something special about being in the temple with your family. All the sweet little old temple ladies kept commenting on how we all looked alike and was amazed at how many sister's we had.

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