Friday, March 27, 2009

Nose Surgery :(

Well as many of you know, Maddie got hit in the nose with a big rock while she was out four wheeling and it broke her nose! This is a shot of her after we got back from night time instacare. They cleaned her up very well! Before this picture was taken, she was covered in blood. Yucky. Anyway, the rock hit her so hard it actually took out a chunk of skin. It was so deep! They ended up gluing her together....
Not that you can actually see the x-ray but you can pick out her braces that showed up!!! And then the culprit.....the rock! This was the rock found on the four wheeler still. It even has blood on it!
And here she is all smiles getting ready to go in for surgery! Notice the smile on the face won't be there in a few more pictures....

Still smiling but that's just because the I.V. didn't hurt as much as she thought it might.

NO SMILE. This is post-surgery and Maddie is just coming out of her delirious/groggy state. Poor thing!!!! Anyway, she gets to wear her nice nose brace for a week but we get to take the gauze off in a while, thank goodness...

And finally, here she is being wheeled out to where I had the car waiting. All she wanted was a milkshake and a pillow afterwards!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girls night...and Twilight!

Each month we have a friend get together and this time it was at Heather's house. A few of us were heading out to the release party of the DVD Twilight afterwards while some were staying longer at Heather's to chat. Kim, who is NOT a Twilight fan...showed up with this life-size Edward poster. We about died of laughter!!!!
Here is a picture of the whole group: Karen, Amanda, Shelby, Heather, Edward, Deb, Ginger,
Kim, Christy, and Michelle.

Well lo and behold look who showed up to Walmart at midnight?! It's Victoria herself. We were quite happy about that. This picture should be switched with the last one but I'm not starting over! Anyway, this picture was taken right after she signed my shirt (I also got a signed DVD) and the security people were whisking me away because it was the next person's turn. They were RUSHING people through! But it was worth it to see Victoria....

Here she is signing my shirt. She was SO BEAUTIFUL in person it was amazing. Oh...and lucky for me I was wearing a shirt with "The bad vamps" on she must have liked that!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Catchin' up a bit...

Below is a picture of two foreign exchange students, Danny and Noo, that are living with my sister, Guppy (Koriann) and her husband, Tony. They came to Utah for a short visit and we had a blast with them!
Ok I'm finally getting around to blogging Maddie's birthday party. I'm really bummed because apparently I had the video camera rolling the whole time and only managed to get a few still photo's. Dang! We had a blast anyway, and I'm happy that Maddie isn't "too cool" to have me involved with her parties yet. We had a lot of fun making dance and music videos to some Shania Twain and Taylor Swift songs and the girls didn't want to go home.

Maddie and her new digital camera!

Sign me!