Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years in St. George

We headed down to St. George again this year for New Years. As you can see from these photo's, the weather was fantastic! We went to this new innovative park that had all sorts of futuristic toys to play on. There wasn't one thing there that you'd see at a regular playground. Below is Jaden with his cousins, Brielle, Karissa and Emily.

Brooklyn and Maddie are playing around on this flying thing that pivoted with how much weight you put on it. It was lot's of fun but very difficult to maneuver...
We had Val's church building reserved for some of the time since there was quite a few of us down for New Years. Tracy's family, Guppy's family and mine all went down. Combine that with the Southern locals (Joel, Val and the parents)...we had a large crew. Below is Jaden.....some of his girly cousins got a hold of him and went wild with a new straightener someone got for Christmas.
The siblings...... Joel, Valerie, Guppy and Deb. Tracy's family left a day early and didn't get to see this cool park. Bummer!

More church games. Here is Val and Guppy going up against in other in "GUTS".

More guts. Yes, they got me to play...even in heels!

Maddie, Allie Beckett, Kenna Ruud and Brooklyn Ruud.

This was one of my favorite things while we were down there! Papa made his famous french fries. He would make these while we were growing up and they were the absolute BEST!!! I can still taste them now....

This is me and Kally.....probably being all giddy and excited to go and see the movie Twilight! (Yes, again).

Well folks, here is it. My baldness. My friend pointed out to me that I hadn't really chopped off my hair since the 6th grade. Holy cow, has it really been that long?! Here's a short story as to why I haven't chopped it since then: When I was in 6th grade, one of my friends gave me their head lice! (I know, gag me omedeus.) My mom had a VERY hard time trying to get all the eggs out of my hair (go ahead, dry heave here....I am) because my hair was so thick. So she cut it off. And I mean she WHACKED it! I was my brother Ben's twin....exactly. I promise, I was Ben's clone. Not that that is bad, it's just that I was at a critical important time in my life when everything mattered and I had crushes on every boy in the 6th grade....but I was suddenly one of them. Tumultuous, I know.


Holiday Schtuff...........

Here is Maddie and Jaden with their new PJ's Christmas Eve.
Maddie had her Winter dance recital and did such a great job! There to support her were Grandma and Grandpa Brown, Grandma North, Me (manning the camera) and of course, Jaden! We had to record it for Dad to watch later because he had to work that night.

Me on my 31st birthday. It's absolutely disgusting that time marches on and aging is inevitable. In this picture I'm celebrating because my sister, Tracy and her family came over and sang me the coolest rendition of "Happy Birthday" you ever heard. It was totally rockin'!

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