Monday, April 20, 2009


Here's my neice Mindy getting ready for Prom. LOOK AT ALL THAT GORGEOUS HAIR!!! Here she is putting the boutenir on her date...


Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

Yeah! Spring break is finally here! We didn't have any great big plans or anything but we did decide to take off to a hotel overnight and spend some time OUT with the kids. At the hotel, the kids swam all day and evening. Then back at the hotel, they watched Disney channel until they fell asleep. Now, I know how unexciting that sounds...watching Disney. But my kids loved it because we don't watch much T.V. at all at home. Nor do we have cable.

This first picture is Jaden and Maddie at the movie, "Monsters vs. Aliens". It was in 3D and the kids thought that was awesome.

This picture is of me and Maddie right after we got finished doing "Dance Revolution".

Jaden bowling...

Maddie bowling... She won all of us!

So recently I took some family photo's of my neice, Havelah and her family...and they turned out great! So that gave Maddie and Jaden the idea to go out and do a photo shoot of each other. These are a couple of shots that they came out with. Impressive!!!!

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