Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here is my announcement to the family this past weekend. After holding in my GREAT news for four months....I can finally let the world know that I'M GONNA HAVE ME A BABY!
 My cute neice, Mindy (Tracy's daughter) made me this shirt to wear for when I was going to make my announcement.
Here's little Rendon waving to all of us letting us know he's in there!
What a special time in my life this is for me. Those of you close to me know how hard and long I have struggled to have another baby. This is truly a miracle child and although he's due at Christmas-time, December 27th...how could we ever complain? Just get here safe and sound, little one...

Campbell Family Reunion at Bear Lake

Ok since this will be a long post because of all the pictures I added, I will only write a few words to go with each! Below: My brothers! Joel, Keith, Ben Shooting off the candy cannon on the beach. It shoots really high in the air and makes a huge BOOM! After all the candy falls back to earth, the kids go running for it.

Guppy with Tiff's baby Blake.

Karmen and Tracy cooling off.
Brenda's husband, Travis and two of his kids (Abby and Zack) helping him make a 'nose'...right next to the 'foot' Mike George (Tiff's hubby) made. Funny dudes!
Joel (Holy cow, dude...you look good!) with one of his boys, Kalven.

Tracy almost catching a football....but not quite!
Andrew playing some cool tunes for us!
Ben, Nadja and Tyler Campbell.
Kaycee (Karmen's daughter) and Kenna (Guppy's daughter).
Seth (Tracy's), Bridger (Guppy's), and Jaden on the jet ski.
Kelsie (Karmen's), Laynie (Ben's), and Alyssa (Brenda's).
The pink ladies! Kynzie (Keith's), Eliah (Tawnja's) and Brielle (Guppy's).
Tran, Keith's wife.
Maddie playing frisbee.
Tayzia (Brenda's) and Mindy (Tracy's) splashin' around.
Jaden, Bridger and Seth in their homemade pool.
Brenda and her cool umbrella!


Monday, July 6, 2009

I love Independence Day!

Hooray!!! It's my very favorite holiday. What an awesome time of year this is. We get to celebrate our freedoms and honor our military and spend the day eating BBQ, watching parades and lighting fireworks. All in the dead of summer which too, is my favorite time of year. How can one NOT know we live in the very best Country? God Bless the USA!
My kids are such good sports because I have them go with me to the flag raising ceremony at the fire station here in town. We have an outdoor breakfast by GHS. Dance company at 7:30, then the ceremony at 8am. Then it's off to save our spots for the parade! Tiff and her family came to watch the parade with us and ended up staying the rest of the day, too! I felt badly that I didn't see her too much because I had other plans for the day. At least Tracy lives here too and was able to spend more time than I did with Tiff and her family! Here is the cutest picture of her and her 2 1/2 month old baby. She's a kangaroo!

Here we all are waiting for the parade to start. Left to right: Nathan (drinking), Allie, Tiff and baby Blake, Seth, Braiden, Mike....Mindy and Andrew in back, Jaden in front, Tracy, Matt and John.

Maddie was a part of the parade with the Grantsville Dance Company. She ran behind the float handing out flyers. You can see her running with her white sunglasses in this pic.
After the parade, we took off to the park for the festivities all afternoon. This is a picture of Maddie, Jaden and Lindsey with their fishies they caught. Dang it....I have to go buy a fishbowl now!

Me, Trisha and Shereen feeding our faces..... It was a great day, as always!!!!

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