Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girls night out...on Friday the 13th. Bravery!

Below is a picture of Amber and Maddie trying on some knee-lenth Converses. We didn't buy them because they were a little pricey but it was fun to check them out anyway. I think they raised the prices on account of the holiday (Friday the 13th...........oooooooh!)

We went to a store that specialized in Prom dresses. The ladies at the desk were very ornery with us. It was fun trying on dresses though, until the hags informed us that they were closing up shop and we needed to leave. They didn't even bother ASKING nice!
It must be Friday the 13th or something!

We found this sign which is appropriate for Amber because she turns 16 in four days!
Well, after the mall, we stopped by the airport and watched the planes come in. We went behind some secured gate that we didn't know if we were supposed to go in or not. We were feeling brave because of the holiday and we decided to trespass. There's no way to appropriately explain to someone how invigorating it is to be so close to the planes as they are coming in for their landing. You are seriously just yards below them! The sound is so loud too! Anyway, it got dark fast so we decided to leave. That's when I became superstitous because all of the sudden, we found ourselves locked INSIDE the security barbed wire fences at the airport! Yikes! But luckily Amber had her phone on her (I left mine in the car...blast the bad luck!) and we called airport security and they unlocked it for us. Fright!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jaden's Pinewood Derby

Here's Jaden at the derby. He wants me to let you all know why he's not smiling. His car kept on coming in third and fourth place and it was really frustrating him. I think he's too much like me in that he can be quite competitive at games. I was doing my best to get him to pose for me.....thus the very unenthusiastic thumbs up!

Doesn't he look great in his scout uniform?!

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