Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert!

Last night I took Maddie and Jaden to the Taylor Swift Concert in SLC. My neices Mindy and Allie and their friend Kristy also rode with us. In this first picture, we are posing by one of Taylor's semi's full of her equipment. When we got inside, our seats were the highest up that you could get but it was straight in front of the stage so we got a great show, head on! And of course, the kids had no complaints! Here she is performing. She is such a fun entertainer!

Performing "Love Story" where she changes into her Bride's dress right before she sings, "Marry me, Juliet; you'll never have to be alone....."

Her encore performance was the BEST! First she came out in a Utah Jazz Jersey and the crowd went wild. By the end of the night, she was hot and sweaty and the coolest part was at the very end when it started to rain right where she was standing. She, of course, made her signature "HEART" with her hands....
And Jaden was pretty tuckered out and actually FELL ASLEEP right before Taylor's encore! But then he woke up afterwards and we all went outside to wait for Taylor's Tour Bus. There was a small crowd that stayed afterwards hoping to get a glimpse of her or her bus. If you look closely, as the bus is pulling out, she's all dressed in her bride gown again and waving at her fans. She blew a kiss to Jaden! It was a very fun night, indeed!!! Maddie loved her first concert experience and sang along the whole time!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tiff's baby!

Okay, this might be confusing since the title is, "Tiff's baby"...let me back up. This is ONE DAY before Tiff had her baby. We were actually visiting our friend, Karen who had just had her baby on April 21st. Tiff is holding Karen's baby, little Harry....

Fast forward 24 hours...and now it's Tiffy's turn! I think her due date was May 3rd but little Blake decided to come April 22nd. He's so adorable! Here is a picture of Nadja, Laney, Tyler, Tracy, Mother, Tiffany, Braiden and me. Hmm... where's Blake?

Oh, there he is! Look at those beautiful, bright eyes. He's such a dolly. Tiff and Mike, you two did fantastic!!!!!

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