Sunday, January 31, 2010

Disneyland.....or Bust?

So I decided (very spontaneously) that we should take a trip to Disneyland. The kids had a couple days off from school and my sister, Koriann was taking her family, so we decided to join them, last minute. Little did any of us know what adventures lay ahead: First stop: St. George. We stayed at Mom and Papa's house on the way down and Joel and Kally's house on the way back. My parents have a golf course in their back yard and my dad always takes the grandkids out to go look for stray golfballs. Here is a picture of Maddie and Amber on some cool looking bridge by the golf course.

My sweet Mom holding my sweet baby!

We had some good guitar hero goin' on....

My sister Val on vocals.

My brother, Joel on guitar.

My sister Koriann on drums and Kody helping out!

Our hotel was right across the street from Disneyland and was within walking distance. We really loved how conveniently located it was, which ended up being a really good thing because of the need to run back to the hotel periodically and change clothes. Of all the days at Disney, what you see in this picture was as good as it got when it came to the rain. Every hour and day after this, got wetter and soggier!

Here are the kids in front of the big 'Mickey Mouse' made of flowers just as you walk into the park.  Little did we know that of all our vacation days, this day was the mildest!

Jaden was in heaven just outside the Star Wars ride...

The lines were so great! Because of all the rain, we didn't have to wait longer than just a few minutes for each ride. That was a total plus!

My baby all safe from the rain!

Me and Maddie playing in makeup at the Sephora store in Downtown Disney.

Jaden and his cousin, Bridger flirting with the ladies!

Brikenna, Brooklyn and Maddie hanging out in Downtown Disney.

If you look closely, you can see Amber but because of the SUNSHINE that decided to peek through (hooray!) she is a shadow! She is in front of California Screamin' rollercoaster. She was so terrified of going on this but she did it! Again and again....!

Look at my sweet baby! His first time meeting Mickey Mouse!

And then the rains came down. We tried waiting out the rainstorm but there was no waiting about it. It was relentless and before long, it was coming down in torrents!

So we headed back to the hotel to paint our fingernails....

...and to dry off....

The trip had many good points and many bad. Colton and Matt both got sick and threw up. Amber lost all her spending money in Disneyland, they closed down both parks EARLY each day because of the rain so we missed out on parades and fireworks, Universal Studios was cancelled altogether and I received a speeding ticket! Whoopsie!
But because of the rain, Anaheim and Las Angeles had nothing but flood warnings, mudslide warnings, tornadoes touching down, evacuations, and theme parks closing so we found some indoor fun to end our trip! We played arcades, lasertag and bowling! Looking back on these pictures, all you can do is laugh! It ended up being a crazy trip, but still worth going.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rendon's Baby Blessing

Here you are, our sweet little Miracle baby on your blessing day. You are wearing the same tuxedo your big brother, Jaden did!

This blessing blanket was sent to you by your Grandma and Grandpa Brown who are serving a mission currently in Argentina. This will always be a very special blanket. In fact Rendon, you are so happy about your Argentinian blanket, you are shouting a really loud, "Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!"...I wonder if they can hear you all the way in Argentina?!

Here you are with your tux and tails. The blessing shoes we had for you were way too big so we didn't have you wear any.

Our friends, the Searles. Jocelyn (who's holding you), Brandon, Sara, Sheri and Jimmy.

Dan and Heather Doney and their two girls, Brooklyn and Lindsey.

....and the Doney boys, Zane and Gavin. Look how handsome!

Here's your sister holding you and chatting with aunt Trisha and your cousins: Hannah, Kim, Lindsey and Lisa.

We had yummy food and were surrounded by great friends and family! Notice Uncle Mike (Tiff's husband) in the background checking out the construction. This is not the only picture I have of him looking at the construction. Funny!

Enjoying their food and being gracious because our new home addition is obviously not complete! Aunt Tracy, Seth, Nate, Braiden and Uncle Mike.

Your cousins Kenna and Allie.

Aunt Trisha and Mom.

Aunt Tracy loves you!

Our good friends, Trent, Robyn and Tanner Tuckett.

Mom's friends, Heather and Robyn.

Mommy, Aunt Tracy, Uncle Ben, Aunt Tiffy and Aunt Guppy. Today was a very special day, Rendon! You are very much loved by all those that came to support you, and all the others that couldn't be here physically, but were here in spirit.

New Years Party!

We had Tracy and Guppy's family over for a New Years Eve's the whole gang.

Before midnight here's a bunch of us playing heck! Too bad mindy was manning the camera, she was the one winning everybody!

Maddie and Lindsey hanging out...waiting to blow their horns at midnight.

Jaden and Seth being goofy as always! Whenever the camera is around, there is no normal posing for these guys....

John, Andrew, Tracy, Nate, Jaden and Seth. Andy, I think your dad is trying to tell you that you are getting pretty hefty!

Brielle, Maddie, Kenna, Allie and Mindy. I had to retake these pics a zillion times- they all wanted the perfect angle taken!

Tracy, Guppy and Me. Is this night over yet?

And finally, after we blew our horns and screamed and hugged and kissed and then sang karaoke for the next hour...we called it a night. Here is Jaden konked out right where he was.

Kenna, Lindsey and Maddie fell asleep quickly as well. Whew! What a night. Happy 2010!

Christmas Eve Party

Rendon's first time meeting Santa Clause! He fell right asleep to prove to Santa what a good kid he is!

Jaden telling Santa he would like a Wii.

Maddie telling Santa she would like an ipod.

Jaden entertaining Aiden with the train around the tree.

All the girlies hanging out. Jordan, Lindsey, Maddie, Lisa Kim, Amber and Megan.

Time to eat!

The ladies. Shereen, Debbie, Trisha.

Auntie Shereen holding Rendon.

And here's Maddie, Jaden and Rendon with their Christmas Eve Jammies. Time to go to bed! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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