Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

For youth conference this year, we got to take the Young Men and Young Women to the open house of the newest temple. We are on the wrong side of the temple for this picture but about a week or so earlier, Moroni was struck by lightning and had a black trumpet! It was fun to be able to get to walk through this with Maddie and answer a few questions. She is always amazed at how beautiful the inside of the Temple's are. If you look up at the picture above once more, you will see a cloudless sky. You must keep in mind here that every single day for weeks, it's been pouring rain here. But it stopped long enough to enjoy our visit to the temple!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mormon Grasshoppers???

I try not to be a complainer about Grantsville. Truly, I do. I live here now and have come a long way in adjusting to small town life, and raising my family. Well, these past few weeks have REALLY tested my outlook on this little town. Just look! Out of nowhere, baby grasshoppers have been hatching and INVADING my home, garden, and our ten acres that we live on. It's happening all over Grantsville and my skin is crawling! I can't even go outside to weed my garden (what the grasshoppers aren't eating, anyway) and the kids don't go outside to play. When I say my home is invaded, I truly mean it. They have infiltrated my entire place and are even getting in the house! I'm go glad my sweet children aren't wussy like me because I'm always screeching and yelling for them to come rescue me from a grasshopper that has gotten in the house somehow.

So... bring on the seagulls! And yes, they have come. Swarms of them, actually have been flying over my field and taking mouthfuls of them. The only problem is that there are so many billions of grasshoppers that the seagulls aren't making a dent in the problem. Tooele County has even come out to spray with planes to help with the problem.  We have sprayed THREE different times in the last two weeks just to try to get rid of some of them. Yuck. Below is a picture of Maddie's window well. They just cover the screen. I couldn't even go out to take the picture because when you walk across the lawn, the grass is just moving with them and it freaks me out. Like I said, I have good kids that aren't as afraid like me so I had them do the dirty work and get this shot for me. I am truly a prisoner in my own home!

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