Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Moon Party!

We had a 'New Moon' party that started off with our own version of 'Vampire Baseball'. Each team had to answer questions about Twilight and New Moon to take bases and get home runs!

Shereen kicked butt at Vampire Baseball! Notice how Rendon is appropriately dressed up for the baseball game...

Cuyler and Megan are showing off their "Quileute" tattoos... Team Jacob!

McKinley (Cuyler's girlfriend), Cuyler, Jordan and Megan

Kims shirt says, "I run with werewolves". Hannah's shirt says, "I run with vampires" and Lindsey's shirt says, "I love Edward"!

Erica, Amber, Alexa and Aiden. Erica and Alexa are Amber's sisters. Alexa's shirts said, "I love boys who sparkle!" And if you click on the picture to make it big, check out Amber's eyes, they will freak you out! If you can't really see them, she has in these cool looking contacts. They have pink in them somewhere.... She also has fangs in her teeth!

Maddie's shirt says, "I like my werewolves HOT! Jaden is dressed as Edward, I'm wearing my "Bad Vamps" shirt and Rendon is dressed up for the vampire baseball game!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Sunny Day at the Dam! Or a Dam, Sunny Day?

Midnight Release Party/ New Moon!

We decided to brave the midnight release party of New Moon. Last year I went with some friends and we got to meet Victoria and heard a rumor that there were going to be actor's again this year, so we decided to bring our daughters. First we went to dinner at this yummy restaurant in Riverton called Marc Anthony's. If anybody cares, their breadsticks are to die for!

Amanda and Me

After dinner we went to the walmart in Riverton and found out that the rumor was true! Mike, Eric and Angela were appearing to sign DVD's. I don't know their real names (contrary to what some of you may believe...I'm NOT that obsessed! Ha.).
Well, the girls pooped out on us real early and got tired and very grouchy! Yes, we ourselves were quite surprised. But the line was long and we waited for a long time to see the actors. Kamri decided my hair was out of place...
Kamri and Maddie

While we were waiting, Maddie and Kamri got the idea to make shirts for the actors to sign. So we bought shirts and markers and the girls came up with what they wanted their shirts to say.

But after all our waiting, guess what?! The actors stayed a mere 45 and then left! They ditched us! Only a very select few people got actual DVD's signed. It was highly irritating because we had talked this up to the girls because of the great time we had last year when we met Victoria and got our DVD's signed by her. Oh well. I lifted my camera up really high and was able to snap a few shots of the actors. Mike and Eric are waving goodbye in the first couple pictures. In the last picture, Mike was signing a DVD and if you click on the picture, you can BARELY see Angela's face...or a small part of it...to Mike's left.

Maddie may disagree with me (she was tired and ornery and Kamri had major attitude this night!) but I'm glad we went!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

This, that and the other....

Rendon fell asleep on Jaden while he was reading a book. Such a sweet picture!

Maddie LOVES the baby and almost eats him up every chance she gets!

Okay, gag. Here I am right after nose surgery to clear out my nasal passages. This was the most AWFUL experience I've ever had! (Aside from giving birth naturally three months ago!). Anyway, all I can say now is that I'm glad it's over with! And of course I can breathe out of my nose now so that's a total plus! HIDEOUS!

We had a mini sisters weekend and went shopping! Yes, most of our time was spent at the mall and we were in heaven! Even though we couldn't afford the $175 jeans we tried on at Buckle, we had fun trying them on! Look at our cute bums! (and not at the nose.....).

Sign me!