Monday, July 19, 2010

Fast fingers

Well I feel horrible because I was straightening my hair on the couch with Rendon nearby.  Of course, he's at the 'grabby' stage and boy is he quick.  He grabbed the flat iron for a split second as it was going through the air up to my head.  I swear it was so fast, but he still reached out just enough to grab it.  He cried such a horrible, painful little cry and I just felt absolutely awful.  Luckily we iced the fingers and he seemed to calm right down but the pain came and went for two straight hours.  It seemed like two straight days.  Poor baby.

And here is after the blisters popped.  The hard part was keeping his hands out of his mouth and keeping his fingers clean and dry all the time.  Rest assured I will make sure I do my hair in the bathroom away from the baby from now on!!!


Campbell said...

Oh poor little guy!!

MikesDork said...

poor baby... it happens.... maybe both of you learned a lesson :(

Allie said...

Oh! My baby boyfriend is scarred! Ahh! ;) Kiss it better for me or maybe I'll just come and kiss it myself!

Val said...

Oh, babiest one! So sorry! I did the same thing to Matthew a few months back. Poor baby!! They grab so fast, huh?! Miss you guys!

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