Monday, July 19, 2010

Jaden's Arrow of Light Ceremony

Jaden received his 'Arrow of Light' award in scouting this past week.  He has been working hard with his leader and the boys in his pack to achieve this.  The ceremony was really cool and Jaden felt special as his Grandma North and Grandma and Grandpa Brown were able to come support him.  Here he is receiving his feathers.  He is sitting second from the right.

Trying not to smile for the camera.

Look at the cool boards with a real arrow and arrowhead each of the boys received.  This part was so exciting for the boys!

Feeling the love!  Left to Right:  Matt, Grandpa Brown, Jaden, Grandma Brown, Maddie, Grandma North, Me, Rendon.  Way to go, Jaden!!!!


Traci said...

cool! like the plaque they received as well! go jaden!

erika said...

Way to go Jayden.

MikesDork said...

congrats to Jaden... we are just entering the cub scout phase with Kade!

Kally said...

Good Job Jaden! I can't wait for Kalven to do fun things like scouts.... hooray for you! Good job and I'm glad you had your grandparents there to support you. We love you! Good Job!

Allie said...

Way to go Jay! That is so cool! Fun stuff. Love you guys!

Pam said...

Debbie, I am so behind in reading your blog. Had to catch up through Jaden's Arrow of Light (Very Cool!), Eclipse and the Homecoming! Busy Summer! And poor little Rendon's fingers. Goodness! Hope he is doing better.
Love the new look of the blog too!
Talk Soon.

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